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Life in Perspective.

Well i guess time does fly, and by now, im already reaching a part of my life where decicions shd be made, and friendships just seem shallow at some point.

I dream for ideal friendships, something that i can just tell stories about when we grow old. Like how burning the trashcan at school seemed like a good idea at some point of my life, or even stealing bunsen burners or that sort. (well i must admit i did quite a handfull of those stupid stuff during my years of studies) and i do appreciate every single bit of it.

But as life goes on, things like this seems to reduce, or shall we say we're 'growing up'. Honestly i think its really a overrated word in the english dictionary, because i dont see the joy in doing so. Thinking of consequences as we fight the uphill battle in growing older, worrying about tommorow. Dont get me wrong, im sure that being an adult is nessecary, but who says that growing up cant be filled with joy and laughter? Well judging from statisticially 400 laughs while a kid into (on average) 15 laughs a day. Its really sucks. its like we're building a personal dementor in every one of us while we grow older.

In my opinion, growing up can still have its peaks. Therefore i guess looking at life from a different perspective is one of the main ideas of accomplishing this goal. Finding something interesting in everything we do. Most importantly, walk a path where you find life in a brighter and more humerous light.

Well, in Moscow theres relatively alot to do, and i guess im glad that there is still hope in walking that path. There is so many fun things to do, starting off with tanks.

This is me and John playing with a tank, yeah u can find them almost anywhere in Moscow. Its like cop cars.

Ok.. how many of you actually got a chance to do this?
Or this?
Well. Then there's this funny (actually ugly) mascot for the shopping mall. I really recommend MEGA to get a new mascot. This one totally sucks.
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