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SO.. everyone loves buffets.. who wont? You pay a affordable price, and you get great deal of food you can eat till you puke and nobody cares. Well unless some anal attendant catches you in action then you're supposed to pay money for every gram of massacre left on your plate. Either that or they force you to eat it up. Chinese aren't the race which is particularly gentle on the buffet table. Once having the plate. Everyone dashes to the food like a bunch of penguins dashing for fish. (penguins are brutal).

When questioned, the usual comments are:

From Buffet
Dont say chinese are cheap. We aren't.. were just smarter at getting the most out of our money.

So this was how it looked like at our outing to the buffet. Its called EASTbuffet.
Food : * *
Service : -* (yeah negative star)
Interior Design : * * * *

Food place is at novoslavodskaya. We came in, to find our that the "affordable priced" buffet costs approx Rm100 and its only limited to ONE plate.

So by "getting the most of our money" this is what we got.

From Buffet
Sorry the picture had to be so blur. I got scared while taking the picture.

Yeah. We all got somewhat stacks like that.

From Buffet
Notice green shirt man's facial expression.

SO we ate and ate and ate..................................................

Jeanette was happy..
From Buffet

So was hooi lam.
From Buffet

Since they took the "normal portioned" stacks. Finishing wasn't quite an issue.

Then green shirt man looked like this.
From Buffet

And john.....
From Buffet

I was still ok.. Well quite....
From Buffet

But me and John managed to scrape through the killer stack. Green shirt still sohai.

Buffet Tip's :

Have you ever felt that feeling where you're so energetic right before your buffet and you end up taking too much food that you cant finish (even if you did starve the night before)?

Few strategies (some untested) on how you can get rid of unfinished food on your plate.

  • Get a doggie bag. Make sure you seat at a place invisible to the camera's. Tested

  • Get alot of soup bowls (with covers) in this case you can stuff unfinished food inside them. The cleaning up aint your business. Tested

  • Hold a food eating competition. (this really works. In the end you get an empty plate, the joy you get wathing your friends stuffing themselves, and also a heck load of laughter.) Tested

  • Try force eating up all the remaining stuff and puking back on the plate. This way you cant say its not finished, nor is it finished either. Win win. Not Tested Try At Own Risk

So whoever tries the last one.. do give me a msg or comment telling me about my idea.


Lynn said...

omg this is sooo funny..XD

KiNn said...

Hahah.. :) The poortion was massively big.. lol.. u saw this pics b4 right.. :)

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