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What Branding does to Us.

In this consumer oriented world that we live in, marketing has really played a huge role in almost every sale made. So the giant companies like CK, LV, DNKY etc. all did a amazingly good job at it. With that marketing i think they can slap a tag on a donkey and call it DNKYdonkey and still manage to sell it.

So the question is, Is the whole marketing thing just a hype? Or do they actually give us the quality that we're paying for? Who'd know if the bag ur strapping on is made from pigskin in some remote village in China? Or is it made from 100% vegetarian pig skin in France or something like that.

We buy exp products (even tho you can get something for the same quality at a discount store) because:

  • It looks cool.
  • The name sounds cool.
  • The other reasonably priced pirated product has the tag AIDAS instead of ADIDAS. (Nobody wants to be a AIDS victim.)
  • You want to be the centre of attraction. (Somehow NIKKI just doesnt stand out in the crowd compared to NIKE, though it has more alphabets.)
  • Your status demands you to have such products. Like how Thai mafias always have the tacky gold rolex. No rolex no mafia.
  • They really make good stuff. (even tho you know leather is leather.)

But i must admit. Wearing something branded does make us feel more confident. SO we decided to let the readers see how does wearing branded products make you not only look better, but feel better too.

It all started like this.

3 charming men :

+ 1 pair of DKNY Glasses :

Gives us : 3 SUPER CHARMING men.



And Sam.

So it definitely made us cooler. Not far from what we should have looked like.

To prove our theory, another experiment was made with a NIKE swimming cap.

Ok.. so its a NIKE, basicially we should all turn out looking like this guy.... We hoped.

It was hard to fit on sam's head, (it was too big)
SO.. it started of like this.

Couldn't fit.. look like old man.

Finally it did. So it turned out to be like this:

On me it kinda turned out quite well, i just look like a muslim guy in a songkok.

John looked different as it went down.


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This completely seals the entrance of water into your ear while you swim, but u loose ur hearing.


Lynn said...

haha screw the whole branding thing..
i think ur spongebob shirt looks the coolest :P

KiNn said...

Hahaha... spongebob rules.. :) well in some ways.. XD patrick is still better..

Yong said...

dude, your blog is he only blog that cracked me up the most!lol, neber met a blog like yours

KiNn said...

Thanks dude.. appreciate your support.. :)

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