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So its the time of the year where everybody is supposed to be jolly and merry, either having your face stuffed up with joints or puking on the sidewalk with a bottle of gin in your hand. Either way, if you have not noticed, its not the Bacardi, or the flashing boobs around you that makes this season special. (but i must agree it does make things much more enjoyable) But its those idiots you have around you doing hilarious things and goofing up with the christmas turkey that makes time so much more memorable. (Nobody likes drinking alone, unless you're in a james bond film and the vodka martini just makes you look cool.)

Unfortunately, my friends and loved ones are just so scattered all over the world, rendering me unable to celebrate this season with them simultaneously. But den again, good friends are hard to find. Those that actually took the initiative to make a massively long phone call all the way back from home. This goes out to Doug, Bob, and not to forget Drew (and all those who were in that car) for giving me that uber awesome phone call, even tho i do pity Doug for his phone bill since most of the conversation was Andrew letting his emotions "fly". Thanks bros it was awesome.

And For someone special:

Apparently cooking dinner over the internet is fun. Well, undoubtedly cooking together in real life is more fun, but i guess, when you're more than 10 000 miles apart, it beats having nothing. SO its either that if you want to eat the same food, OR you can both head to the nearest McD's with wifi to have a Big Mac. If ur reading this, thanks darling for that beautiful time! I enjoyed every bit of it. Heres what our dinner looked like. (or supposed to at some point) Its called "johnscarbonara".

YES I MADE IT. (with help of John)

Unfortunately, Russians dont celebrate christmas.

Well not on the 25th. Its on the 7th. Which is UBER bad timing. Since we dont get to synchronize our christmas with most of the major cities in the world,

AND WHEN those other major cities are preparing for the new year with heads filled with new resolutions, all thier new shirts and shiny boots, not to mention new spandex underwear.

WE russians (or its inhabitants) are forced to look like that drunk guy at the after party, swinging the bottle of rum around and giving people the finger everywhere.

Guess the trend is catching on.

So they say "Friends come and Go" apparantly alot of people seem to be worreid about theese things, but i guess whats more important is the amount of countless stupidity you share with them, and those moments will be treasured for an eternity.

SO instead of worrying on "if our friendship will wither" Go make some effort building that "eternity" on you friendship. Well Ive met alot of people in my life, and i would love to give you some 50 seconds of face time on my blog this festive season, but unfortunately i dont think everyone would want to browse through countless pages of pics.

To my bro's and chicks out there, thanks for everything, these 20 years have been made by you guys. Merry christmas.

My Long lost bro.

Drew in what he does best. XD

Shopping made fun.

If you noticed the "finger made ring" around my genitals, you've just been caught in a ball gaze. (you owe me one punch.)

White shirt gang, cept kien, lost as always.

The Lovely couple which came all the way to cold country to see me. Thanks so much Loong and Agnes (and siin too)


Kissy kissy.

My closest cousins. (and one orang bodoh)

The 3 Llama Crew. (my bred in russia bestest bros!)



And my best friend who always forgets to bring me gifts for every christmas day (ever since i hit 15)

(i mean santa)

Merry Christmas everyone.


Tian An said...

Haha, I have to admit that I was slightly surprised to see my face under your published link when I was browsing through my facebook.

To be fair, I'm lost to the rest of msia too, except maybe elaine who emails me once every blue moon. I'm in Spain now (tell you all about it lar), which will explain why I won't be able to call you this new years', but I'll get back and call you before your birthday to check with your plans. If you're not accessible via the same phone no. last year, shoot me an email (wongtianan@gmail, ku ni pro skrg). Otherwise, expect a call from me sometime next week.

And if you plan to be in Amsterdam or London anytime in January, let me know! If not, EPIC FAIL (again) and let's actually try for next winter (summer's not looking to good as usual). Until then,

Peace brotha,

p.s. pretty happening blog wei :P good to know you're still alive and kicking.

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