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Birthdays Return.

SO having 2 days of zero disturbances from the mysterious afgan caller. (i still prefer this name) Its back to miss mahjongs birthday story.

SO at starlite diner, the food was still absolutely mediocre, but i have to give them credit for their milkshakes, it was.. what can i say? NICE.

They we're not stingy on the proportions, the milk was shook up perfectly, all this and topped up with a generous spray of whipped cream. Think you can get this in KL? Well i guess they still have something to top that.

A refill cup. (yes, all you stingy bastards) so them preparing a proper portion of milkshake and giving u all the leftover scrapings in the shaker, in a tin-made mamak styled cup.

The milkshakes were so good, it made people drink a buttload.

Some made stupid faces while drinking.

A few more pics of their mediocre food.
Like normal starlite burger.

Normal starlite fries.

Normal starlite chicken wings.

After all the normal stuff. We came to the next interesting event. Prize giving.

And for our grand prize winner.

An ipod touch. (fcuk)

It came from John, well it made alot of girls envious so some of them tried to kill her so she could be with john. (this is just one of my theories, either that or shes just being an idiot.)

About appreciation, i guess humans just tend to NOT give enough of them, like how when we receive small birthday gifts, we change our facial expression (damn i wanted a car). But in the 1st place who are we to expect presents from people around us? The only fact that they did take the initiative to go out and buy something or make something makes them worthy of a praise or a thank you.

Well it may be just a small task, but i guess small thank yous makes the giving party feel that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Apparrently humans DO like to feel fuzzy inside, and cats dont, because they keep spitting out furballs.

Well our birthday girl wasnt stingy with her appreciation, but she was shy. So it ended up like some indian tree dance.

I call this the: you stare me i stare you pose.

Then i sing song and you laugh like gila babi pose.

Then finally the orgasmic part of the story, which usually ends in a hotel, but in this 13pg movie it doesnt.

Part 3 coming up. :)


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