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Happy birthday to me!

And that completing what might be 1/5th or 1/4 of my life, i gracefully turned 21 today! Thanks to the great people i have around me who made my birthday something really enjoyable. There was booze, great food, more booze, cool presents, cakes, and some people dressed up in police uniforms. (It really isn't what you would expect)

Well firstly we celebrated the food session at the place called teegeeeyeeff. Or fridays for shorts, here the people worship the guy named Jack.

Well the beer was about 6/10 due to the fact that it wasnt entirely cold. But the buss effect that we got was nice, not a killer, but something nice to enjoy to while your friends start talking funny.

Presents i got from my housemates,

1. Something uber random, but sweet in some ways. (you wont really consider it sweet if ur staying in msia or anywhere you can find it) but for us, its considered sweet. :)

Its called..........................................................

2. Somehow my friends really go to great extents to making a bday special. Like 'taking' this ZARA rubber stamp from the cashier. Kudos to sam for performing this great performance.

3. A nice coat. thanks guys for chipping in. :) bing, jolin, raj! thanks guys.

4. headset! wanted one for some time.

5. and a razer mouse.

What more can i ask for. :)

The birthday cake was swell and original. Best of all, the most expensive part of the cake was the candles.

And bout the people dressed up in police uniforms, yeah, i got arrested on my 21st birthday, well what can i say, there always is a 1st for everything. Unfortunately i dont have any pics to show you guys but a computer but this i what i swear it looked like.

For the real story, actually i was just out getting some groceries when john and i was stopped by 3 cops with thier small cocks. And i guess thats what you get in russia witht the cops who i must say, are super racist. If you think the RM 50 bribing on the way back from mont kiara is bad. You just havent seen this yet. In actual fact, i sat in a cop car, drove around for about 10 mins, with 3 fat smelly asses before settling the score.


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