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Lifes Brief Candle.

And sometimes i ponder, wondering what lies behind this facade of life.

A child, so innocent and pure, bursting with ideas and innovations in thier mind, a world leader in the making, with dreams so big that can fill a lifetime, wakes up only to see that his hair had turned white, his beard scrapy, and his dreams are all vanishing one by one.

As a child, i had dreams, well who doesnt? But in my opinion, i really believed in those dreams. I embraced it and i cherished it, believeing that one day those dreams would evolve into reality. And as i grew, some of those dreams still stayed close to me. But i guess a number of them didnt stick. Did they become false silver linings? Or did i just grow out of them?

Well from what i noticed from the people nowdays is that people stop believeing. Believing in anything at all, not even themselves. Believing in achieving the dreams that they have always wanted to. I wonder if that really is a part of growing up. Or is that just the reality where people are accustomed to.

In my opinion, nothing is ultimate. There is no definite ending to any story. Some people might say they know, how a certain story is going to turn out. BUT i believe its the effort you put in to change such an ending that makes a difference. Its not who you are going to be but who you WANT to be that makes your life in your hands. Giving yourself the ultimatum.

I recently read a quote that says:

"He who thinks he knows the ending of things before they begin is either a very wise person or an idiot. Regardless, he is unhappy for he hast drove a knife into the heart of wonder."

-Osten Ard

Why let others decide how your life turns? Thats my question.

Life is only as meaningful as how you want it to be. The things you choose to do, the life you choose to live, let it all be your choices, the responsibility is yours and you take the glory for every success and the lessons from every downfall.

Oh yeah, and theres a vid i would like to share. cool song. but gay clad singer. I wonder if it was his choice. Its called DONT STOP BELIEVING. by Journey.



Lynn said...

absolutely love ur post. :)
and droppiny by to say love you <3

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