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For Drew.

Dedicated to my dear friend drew aka andy or whatever you might call him.

Where was I, well the next day we continued exploring around helsinki to learn something new about their culture, thier languages and also sightseeing.

For starters, i must admit that helsinki really has one of the most amazing streets in the world. Their streets are superbly organized, anywhere you would like to go can be easily navigated by the help of a small pocket map (which in fact they distrbute free in every major tourist info centre). In fact, this is one of the 1st times i actually felt that the distance required to get to a certain destination illustrated on a map actually felt further than the actual walking distance itself. Maybe it was because we were staying right in helsinki city centre. Well who knows. :)

I guess i cant really say much more about their buildings and roads. But i do have to add that the roads are amazingly well maintained with small pebbles like these.

Well for those who unfortunately DONT have snow in thier country, let me make some explanations. These small pebbles are for traction control. Costing as low as just mere rocks, these babies provide more grip than the latest timberland boots on ice.

My feet are safely far away from slipping on the sidewalk and making me look like an idiot.

Moving on to the Finnish culture. Basically finns are very nice people, besides the drunk men you see at 4am at bars. Besides them, they never falter to lend a helping hand when we got lost (most of the time). Apparently they also crave interesting designs. Like this toilet booth.

In my opinion kinda looks like a tank. it costed RM 10.20 to pee in a tank. So i passed.

This reindeer model soft toy also had its genitals designed in. Pretty creative. My mates insisted that it was actually its tail. But i really dont see the point of designing a tail at THAT location. So i must say i still think they're balls.

You can tell me what you think, do click on the picture to enlarge.

As i came to more sights, i noticed that finns were also very sexually oriented people.

Like how they named a drink. ED. Erectile Dysfunction.

Knowing people of the male gender would have problems after drinking it, they made a tagline saying "Stay Focused" so you still can be in control. Quite creative.

I didnt buy that drink of course. Was worried about what would happen to my flag pole.

And also despite it being an European Union controlled country, its really cheap to get some pussy in finland. :D

They come in all shapes and sizes, and aparently various kinds of flavours too.

Best part is, they really are cheap.

I had the priviledge to test out some of these pussies. It costed me a mere 3EUR. :)

You have the choice of super mixing it.

Or even get one from Malaco.

If you werent satisfied with the mixed pussies, you could RE-mix them again. (with chocolate)

not sure how do u remix a pussy though.

And the best one. Judging by its name i get the chills.

MEGAPUSSI. Imagine what could be hidden inside.


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