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Once Upon A Night In Moscow.

You never can imagine how random people can get, to me, lifes interesting that way, because you never really know what you are going to get. (i know its kinda like the forrest gump's saying but without the box of chocolates.)

Well then this is a tale of a bunch of 6, despite having exams around the corner, went out for a night stroll in the heart of Moscows action packed city. Id have to say, that it was a rather interesting journey.

The time on the clock was: 22:15

when John came in and invited Sam to buy groceries at the mart (10 mins walk away) I mean, who buys groceries at this hour of the night? Eventually john's little devious plan worked, not only convincing sam, but all of us too. (that included kien, yq, hooilam, and me. except the dog) So we headed out for our small nightime adventure.

Id elaborate more, but i dont think you'd like the details.

To cut it short, there were attempts of jumping.

Some jumped too high and exposed their belly.

And some were confused on when to jump, so they squatted.

We also did do a failed version of the beatles "abbey road" photoshoot. Well it just didnt seem right.

But the streets of moscow really looked different at this time of the night. Oddly, there were more friendlier people on the street. We were encountered by 2 random chicks saying "Hi" i politely responed "Hi", oddly they replied with another "Hi" I guess that was the only english they knew.

Also a bunch of youngsters came pass us while singing "glory glory man united". Interesting.

We stopped at the grocery store, getting our supplies, honestly shopping in moscow for groceries at 11pm is quite an odd sight, you normally only see others grabbing the shelves stock of redbull, vodka, and bottles of water. Well we all know what those stuff are for.

So compared to them, we looked like lost toursits or some ah ma's at the market.

After picking our picks, which for me and sam was two chickens, an iceberg, and a pack of rice.

We headed to the nearest starbucks outlet. (which was my first time in my entire stay in moscow)

Heres how starbucks in written in russian.

Its amazing to see how even starbucks(moscow) has adopted the moscovites culture. You dont get the usuall perky "HI, WELCOME, HOW ARE YOU?" shouts from over the coutner. You just get a silent nothing, followed by, "what do you want!?" And if they gave you a wrong order (like how kien managed to order a mocha, instead of a mocha frappuchino) you dont get your money back, OR get a new cup of coffee. You just have to suck that hot mocha up and be a man.

So thats for how much service you would receive in STARBUCKS moscow. Cant really blame them for implementing the communist lifestyle for thats how they really are deep down inside.

And it costs RM69 to Drink 4 cups of coffee. :)



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