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What we do when we're supposed to study.

Well heres an interesting insight on what we like to do when were forced to study.

We give in to the devil of temptation : FACEBOOK.

To think of all the time spent on this geniusly conceived application. By the way was made by some Harvad students who thought that while wasting their own time, why not waste every one elses?

The pattern of how facebook envelopes (i mean consumes) your soul (more or less) kinda works in the same way for most of us.

Firstly :

You visit just because your friends are doing it. (suckers)


You sign up because its free, (yes, thats how cheap we are) and on top of that its a brilliant site to communicate with those long lost kindrgarden friends of yours.


You find yourself frantically uploading pics of yourself, searching for primary or secondary photos to tag your friends in. Why? Because its fun tagging someone digging a bugger on camera.

Then some wiseguys came up with addictive programs like rock legends, pet society, mafia wars and not to mention games which people like to train how to trap virtual mice and ghosts. As if you would actually know what to do when you really encounter one. (No guys.. if there were such thing as an assasin mouse you'd be dead before you could take out your pokeball to catch it)


All the stuff you played becomes boring, you succumb to doing quizzes about yourselves, to find our who you trully are, or hoping that you arent bulbasaur in "which pokemon are you?" because you think that bulbasaur is retarded. All these efforts are necessary due to the fact that the mirror you look in everyday doesnt work like the one in snow white.

Id rather be charmander.

Then there are the quizzes made by your friends, its like how they "test" your friendship. And when you becom dulan because you only fared 10% and they say that you have mou yi hei, you create a quiz on your own to give yourself the oppourtunity of saying the same thing back.

Before you know it:

You have become a facebook zombie. By this i mean stalking others pages more than once an hour. Or refreshing your home page twice a second. You feed on the happenings of others. Because you know deep down in your heart that peoples mood changes every second, and you dont want to miss "liking" someones post or link.

And at most desperate times, because of how avidly your zombie friends are roaming around the fbsphere, you know that you can just rely on facebook as a lost and found post with immediate replies. (wtf right?)

This is how rapidly the responses came in. This is where john came in too. (under HooiLam's name) Onion design - -

Guess that i myself couldnt miss out the fun too. :)

Guess the craze is catching on.



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