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中秋節, Moscow Style.

From my childhood, i guess mooncake festival or formally known as the mid autumn festival, has always been one of my personal favorites, i get to eat sweet stuff till i puke, stay up late strolling in the park with my cousins and play with fire. Who wouldn't like that? Well it is all fun and games till someone burns their balls. Or drips candle wax on dad's toes.

Im glad that till this age, despite not being anywhere near our homes, my housemates still decided to do something for the mooncake festival. Which turned out pretty nice, i would say the only drawback about it was that we didn't have any lanterns to burn.

We prepared the usual malaysian routine when we are too lazy to cook dishes. Steamboat.

But it wasnt any ordinary steamboat. It was a yong tou fu steamboat. (credits goes to john as usual for being the cook, but i did the mincing of carrots and onions, so some credit goes to me too.)

What is a mooncake fest without mooncakes?

But i still cant understand how my mooncake grew fungus. It was stored in an unopened bag, with a deoxygenator. Going to write a complaint to tai thong for selling me a faulty mooncake.

If you were wondering who was that perverty looking guy at the bottom of the picture, well that is our new housemate, raimie. More about him some other day.

Even our dog had a fun time. Well at least thats was what we thought.



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