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Well as the title of this post dictates, i am, well, thinking.

Guess the past half year that i was apart from my blog was indeed an awesome one, I guess soo awesome that i neglected my blog in certain ways.

Maintaining a blog really takes dedication and perseverance which i do need to put in much more effort. :D To my readers, even tho you're not reading my rants on the world wide web anymore, i hereby make a commitment to post up at least something once a week. It might be just pictures, or something random for me to refer back when i grow old with hair out of my nose. Thanks to all those who wrote on my underpopulated chatbox, requesting for me to make an update. That meant alot to me. You guys can comment just below the post, im planning on opening it so it can be read by others too. :)

Sometimes it just takes small measures to get people back into the game, for me, it might be an interesting advertisement, support from friends, a nice shower, a nice dump in the toilet, a cold breeze of air, and most of all a good motivation from my girlfriend. :)

Here's a story about a group of homeless people living just outside my house, what i mean by outside my house is literally they stay 100 meters away from my apartment entrance in an underpass. The underpass is well inoculated with bacteria of all sorts which induces a foul smell. So back to the homeless people which i call the "spoonman gang" such a name was given because once upon a time (well 6 months ago) the leader of this gang tried to sell me a spoon. Yeap an ordinary teaspoon. It had to be the most random thing i was ever offered in my life. So thus the name, i must say i admire his balls to try selling something like that. But he wasnt just a normal homeless guy, in a period of just a few months, he has established a gang. A rather big one, now in total there are 4 men, a lady and a dog. I have no idea how does a homeless person have enough money to take care of a dog, but i must say that most of them own one in moscow.

In my opinion, for a group of homeless people to be able to stay standing in the cold streets of moscow, (VERY COLD) it really takes some skill. As i sit down in my warm bed, i do ponder about what runs in their minds from time to time. What if i was stripped of everything that i have got right now, the comfort having a place with four walls and a door plus some wallpaper taken away from me. Do i even deserve this right of complaining that my bed is too hard, or how come i dont have a wide screen TV?

I guess sometimes we as humans just take for granted everything we have on earth. Always thinking that the grass is somehow greener and jucier on the other side, It might be a helping friend, a sweet couple or housemate who cleans the kitchen after you, or a loving partner which is always there when you need advice. im not saying we should be contented or anything, But appreciate what we have right now! Because what we have is a privilege NOT a right. Moreover, If we truly appreciate everything that we have, we should be pushing ourselves to the limit! For every second that we exist in this marvelous-yet-deterioriating-place-we-call-earth, we can make a difference! It may not be just on ourselves, but to others too. So why settle for days that we call ordinary? Lets go for AWESOME.

I thank God i dont have to sell spoons.


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