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Been a long time since i reposted. Back in the game again with one subject less! The thing about med school is that you cant loose your rolling ball. Because one you do, it just is very difficult to pick back up. I guess i can say the same about blogging. I really have to work on that.

Anyway, here's a small review about how i made my D.I.Y camera bag. I initially wanted to get a proper one, but the choices here are just either too expensive or not up to my taste. Therefore i planned to make one on my own, just as a temporary case to carry my camera around, until i settle for a sturdy one. It beats walking around with a camera strapped to your neck looking like a japanese tourist. (i have small eyes.)


How i did it:

Stuff you need.

A snowcap. (make sure you get a tight fitting one, with thick paddings. I got a thinsulate one. use whatever is cheap. you can even use two.)


Bubble wrap (the more the merrier.)


A scarf. (i know it looks gay)


Ok maybe two.


A bag.


Some thread.


Firstly i folded the bubble wrap and placed it snugly at the bottom. You dont want to get your camera lenses all smashed up when you place your bag on the floor.


Put as many layers as you like, make sure it can handle a rough ride. If you have so much bubble wrap to make it bulletproof. By all means do it.

Secondly i cut up my scarf to fit the bottom. This is mainly for a smoother feel and look. I dont want anyone looking through my bag and see a heap of bubblewrap.


Next, i placed the snowcap, into the bag like this.


You can place another snowcap inside. Depending on how big your camera is. Make sure its snugly fit.

Then here comes the tricky part.

I sew my snowcap onto the bag. (well inside actually) Make sure its placings are accurate to ensure a good fit.


The other parts of the thick scarf is placed into pockets around the camera holster. Eg: the front and back portions. Keep some for wrapping the lenses.


Here's a final result of the bag. Im using a d60 as a model. (its built rather small, therefore it looks quite loose.) But with my camera, the 500D. It fit rather well. The cap is tightly sewn into the corners, therefore suspending the camera holster when you run, for minimal impact on your gear.


As for the lens. You can use a cardboard box and cover it with the remaining pieces of scarf. I didnt show it in this demonstration as the box had to be chosen based on what lenses you would like to put in.

I must admit that this bag is far away from being weatherproof. But it does beat some bags out there like the lowepro teraclime. Which IMO is a bag that doesnt really make sense besides being made of recycled material. (that didnt really make sense either)

This bag being self customized. Can give you the ultimate blend in at events which you dont want to be seen around boasting a big ass camera. Its also a save on cash too.

Hope you found this D.I.Y useful. Do leave a comment if you have any questions.



theeggyolks said...

wow! ur creative! I'll do that when I bought my DSLR :)

kenwooi said...

hey this is cool!
haha.. nice one..
i dont like the normal bulky squarish camera bag..
maybe i'll try one too =P

KiNn said...

Sweet! Hahaha

@eggyolks: Awesome! hope you can make a real sturdy one, i think my sewing needs to improve. :D

@ken: LOL, yeah the normal ones that come with the cam is kinda plain! But you can try getting a different brand. :)

sheryl. said...

this is cool..!! i dun like my camera bag too.. i used to carry it in my big handbag with scarfs scarfs and scarfs to try to protect it.. always get scolded. >.<

lol. thanks for ur great idea.. i will steal my brother's old bag for this then.. keke..

KiNn said...

@sheryl: Lol im glad you found it useful! maybe can post some pics of it Then i shall link it in my post! :D I think scarfs make a good padding, but the problem is that u need something to fix it down if not it will move about. XD Haha good luck stealing ur bro's bag! :)

Tekemällä tehty said...

Nice work. Camera bags are normaly look too much like camera bag.

Is this handy? I just get new camera and I looking ideas to new bag.
This give me hope, that diy may work.

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