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My Top 5 Treat List!

Dear readers, im currently planning to share a list of stuff that i want, hoping that one day, one of you happy readers out there would kindly send me a parcel with something in this list. Your sincerity will not be forgotten. (So sue me, i didn't get many presents when i was a kid.)


For the past 6 months I have been sleeping on something which i made myself, using two spare beds in my apartment. I call it the "bed on bed". (not girl on girl, which would have been awesome.)


Well honestly besides its "special function" to be able to split into two separate beds, and that it feels so soft that it makes you cry like the princess in princess and the pea, there really isn't much back support in it. Which would one day cause me to suffer from kyphosis before i die like the hunchback of notre dame.

Not too awesome, besides saving a buttload of money on a costume on Halloween.

Besides that, i do have a liking for design, and currently the one thing in my house that gives me an eyesore is the toilet (shaped like a cubicle). Who in his/her right mind designs a toilet so small that you cant even stretch your arms whilst you crap. Lets put it this way, if a claustrophobe would take a dump in my toilet, he'd probably have a seizure in there before he starts eating the toilet roll.

This is how big it is.


This is me in it.

As you can see, there is no space for me to do ANYTHING while i take a dump, (not like i need to), and even looking for the toilet roll can sometimes turn into a game of "toilet twister".

So id hope my toilet to be redecorated by some celebrity interior designers as seen on tv.

Where a bunch of random people breaks into your house when you're asleep, and put you in a black bag when ur wearing ur underwear. Before u know it, your house gets turned into a bachelor pad with a billion plasma TV's and a swimming pool. How awesome is that.

On the other hand, id love to be able to see my girl's face again! Now that shes being all the way in australia, honestly, the only mode of communication is the internet (besides expensive phone bills). Therefore i would really want an air ticket to melbourne. Let me illustrate where my point stands.


Walking there isnt an option, neither is cycling.

Well internet communication really is a savior, besides the times when im away from home, at class or just eating dinner. Which then i have a problem. We all know how it is when women dont get their attention when they want it.


Till then... I can just hope santa comes early with a big fat cheque or a private jet. (Santa i hope you're reading this). I visited him when i went to finland.

So for the real treat. (for me) Id love to have a Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop!
As you might have guessed, based on its name, its a notebook with a 13 inch display. Now why would i need something like that? Well in my geek opinion, i think notebooks are meant to be portable.


The thought of a 17 inch notebook just doesn't really make much sense, due to the fact where laptops (no matter how big they are, just ain't gonna beat a desktop). So i wouldn't spend money on a "acclaimed powerhouse notebook". Id just get a desktop for my "power" needs and an awesome portable notebook that is always with me. Chase Jarvis had a famous quote that says, the best camera is the one you could carry with you. I could say the same for a trusty computer too. (I wouldn't lug around something as big as a luggage bag. Too unprofessional.)

The dell inspiron13 comes with a ultra slim design. Together with, imo an awesome screen, its a WLED build (white light emitting diode) Designed for saving a buttload of power and also giving it a brighter display.


Its really amazing that dell just hasn't took shortcuts in creating a affordable yet performance based notebook. Built with an integrated ATi graphics card, a (decent) kick ass processor, and bundled together with a 6 hour battery (means 6 hours of scouting chicks at your local library or starbucks).


You have got to be kidding me if you aren't going to get this for yourself. And it costs only RM2449......................................................................................

WTF, can you believe it, my dog just peed on my carpet!!!!!! Seriously alot of drama going on now, kinda like the ER, since he just peed like about a gallon of warm hot yellow pee on the floor, and making an impossible ruckus. (maybe it was because we slapped him.)

i just had to take this picture.


That leaves me sleeping in a frigging stench of pee for the rest of my night. Isnt the first time, but i dont think its the last either. If you think this is bad, wait till i show you his shit.


I guess im changing my last treat to a new dog. (I was going to go with a lifetime supply of toilet roll's.)

I would call him bob. (sounds like a more intelligent name than the current "dou dou")

Maybe his actions is due to us dressing him up like a retard. (sometimes)


Setting things aside, i really need to start cleaning my carpet before it gets any worse. Before that, here's a special treat for all of you. If you heeded my advice to get yourself a brand SPANKING NEW inspiron13, you might wanna bring this code along with you! Its valid till the 10th of November. (sweet deals don't last long)


SO... i would one day get this treat list done, OR you could just write a petition into nuffnang to award me with the computer so i could:

A. Go online to shop on ikea for a new bed.
B. Watch some interior designing videos on how to build my own toilet.
C. Skype with my girlfriend at any place at any time. (with wifi of course).
D. Well, I dont know how the new notebook is going to help me with my dog problem. yet.

One stone kill three and a half birds. (I roughly know what i would use the notebook for my dog issue) What a bargain.



hl said...

thl likes this!
veli interesting! =D

KiNn said...

TQ THL. for the support and everything hahaha.. ^^

kusut said...

those are seriously cool pics this post! u even made the toiletbowl look cool XD

and goodluck with the contest man

KiNn said...

haha, thanks dude.. :) I like your designs too! :)

kenwooi said...

haha nice and interesting one..
i actually spent my time reading every single word slowllyyyy..
one of the best entries i've seen so far..
all the best.. =)

KiNn said...

Haha thanks dude! Glad you liked it! :D Im digging your Barbie Breast Exam post. LOLz.

Samantha Chow said...

haha thats why, get a cat! :P

KiNn said...

Haha, @samantha, but then a cat wouldnt let me dress it up like a crossdresser! (dont ask me why we find that amusing) :D

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