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Dont mess with chicks.

Women, with their ways to undermine the feeble minded men was probably Gods given gift to them.

The differences between man and woman:

They want a new pair of jimmy choo's,

They get a pair of jimmy choo's.

They want a new xbox 360,

They dont get a new xbox 360.

If we refuse to get them that pair of jimmy choo's, they're probably going to beat the jimmy choo out of you.

Looking at differences of the female and male gender.

The Toilet:
An average male has about 6 things in the bathroom. (A shaver, body wash, body spray, a toothbrush that is aged 4 years, some toothpaste, soap/facewash.)

An average female has 436 (nearly a gadzillion) things in there in which a normal male would not be able to identify.

The Bedroom:
An average female has multiple box like things in her room, either to arrange her clothing (closet), sort her makeup (big briefcase), or sort her accessories (multi tiered expansion slots).

An average male has one closet. Either under the bed, or in the laundry basket.

The mentality:
An average female can perceive up to 10 different emotional aspects upon entering a conversation.

An average male only understands sex or no sex.

The Magazines:
An average mens magazine is usually clad with women dressed in skimpy clothes.

And average woman's magazine is also filled with women dressed in skimpy clothes. This is because a womans body is trully a work of art, and a mans body is just a hairy lumpy piece of meat that would only be fit if we lived on planet of the apes.

Surfing the net i found a bunch of videos showing the tyranny of women. The phrase "hell hath no wrath like a womans scorn." really applies in real life.

The classic man-gets-slapped-in-public video.

We own your toys.

What the fcuk is a nintendo xbox? But the guys friend holds a lightsaber? LOL.

In which i later found out that the last video posted was actually a fake to claim some
refund. But it well did make a whole lot of star wars fans out there feel like burning
the crap out of those bitches. :)

SO make sure you're getting something or planning something nice this holidays if
you still wanna keep your PS3.



kenwooi said...

hahaha.. good comparison!
girls.. they are complicated lah..
and the slapping video.. the man is a pussy! =P

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