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Worm with my grapes.

How many times have you finally decided to eat that bag of fruits you bought two aeons ago just to be disappointed that it had already rotten?

In my student life i think that happens almost SO frequently that i have abandoned the sheer thought of buying fruits on a steady basis.

Here's a discovery of a grape worm. (Vermes Acinius) Latin for grape worm. (ok i made that up. But the latin terms are legit.)


Ever felt weird that whenever there is a worm inside your durian, or your apple or grape, It is sure to pop up just at the precise moment before you blissfully devour your fruit. Rarely you hear people shouting, "OH F*** i just bit of a worms head in my apple!!" Its as if the worms have some paranormal detection ability to understand NOT to be eaten.

Interesting isnt it?


Havent been updating in a while, im in a "go home" phase. Everything to me right now is just filling my mouth with a awesome slurp of bak kut teh soup and a cup of leong cha. LOL.
Having that said, moscow is still filled with interesting photo's to capture. Currently the weather now is -20'c. Thats colder than sleeping in your fridge. If you are still unsure of how cold -20'c is, lets say I had my bottle of water placed on the window still and it froze up. THATS how cold it is.

Assuming that there is no "just nice" selection, would you guys prefer hot weather (Klang valley hot) or ice cold? (not melbourne winter, but moscow winter cold.) Leave a comment below to let me know what you think!

I was so cold that i can only take indoor shots.



Anyways, here's a upcoming update! I went to a mall which opened 24 hours for shopping. Awesome, but a heck load of people. Kinda made me feel like i was a character in "A Bugs Life".


Stay tuned!


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