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2 Men and a Dog.

Well as the title suggests.. This post will be about us and the new member of our home...


Its an adorable 2 and a half month + 13 days old yorkshire terrier.

Wiki Says:

"The Yorkshire Terrier is an above average working dog, ranking 27th (32nd including ties) out of the 132 breeds tested. Researches found that an average Yorkshire Terrier could understand a new command after approximately 15 repetitions and would obey a command the first time it was given 70% of the time or better. This capacity as working dogs enables Yorkies to excel in sports like obedience and agility, which require the dog to understand communication from the handler and carry out a complex series of commands. Additionally, Yorkies learn to recognize numerous words and can be taught to distinguish and fetch separate toys in a box by their names."

Amazing.. My dog is ranked 27.. too bad its now severely sick, its also purging, vomiting, unable to respond to commands, has no toy box, therefore there was no fetching toys.


It used to be something like this.

RAWR~ i bite you....

SO much energy.. (btw the other dog is toto.. yeah we have 2 dogs. more on him later.)

And then.. i guess after eating sisha flavors.. or food pieces on the floor.. or dust.. whatever it was, we still dont really know.

But really, as a dog.. how can u resist eating this juicy succulent thing?
NO.. Pervs.. its NOT a vagina. Its a fresh pack of Al Fakher Tobacco.

Back to the story.. so now the doggie is sick, therefore, me and John went on a long journey trying to find a vet for the dog.

We placed him in a bag, (my bag) and wrapped him in a cloth and gave him a pillow. Kinda looks like he's in some airplane.

Please keep your seatblets on untill the seatbelt lights are off.

Mind you, it wasnt an easy journey. 1st off, we took a cab to this address which we obtained from a local pet store. The cab ride took an UBER long time and we passed the same road 3 times. obviously the cab driver was lost.

If you arent familliar with russian cabs, EVERYONE is a cab driver, just try stopping a car on the road with ur hands up and he'll give u a ride. Of course cab calling comes easier if you have :
  1. BOOBS
So we took a joyride in the car for about 20 mins, and the car smelt like smoke, had head banging music, and the driver drove like somebody stuck a toothbrush up his ass. Kinda felt like i was sitting in a nostalgic 1980's Nissan sunny with the equivalent music and driving style. It belonged to a good friend of mine. (Ahem* If your reading this. don be shy to leave a comment.)

When we finally reached 2 roads away from the destination we couldnt take it any longer and left the cab. That ride costed us : 300rbs. yeah..

39.35 MYR *From

Who the heck pays so much. (price is normal in Moscow for a cab ride)
But with a dog whos gonna puke in your nike bag any moment. Its a price you have to pay.

We continiued the jorney walking. But still unable to find the proper place. Guys.. this is where you really wished you have listened to that GPS navigation company's advert.

After walking for 3 hours and a couple of bus rides, we reached a super big animal HOSPITAL. (there were many more stories in between, but i guess that its too long to elaborate.)

IT WAS A HOSPITAL. UBER BIG. It had living quarters, so many outpatient rooms, moreover, they made you wear "baheelies" its a super cool name for these plastic bags they make you wear inside any hospital. (for hygine purposes)

These costs RM2 per pair.

Really i dont see how does it help make the place any more hygenic. Its just a couple of easily ripped plastic bags on ur foot.

After this long and dreadful procedure, the treatment began. For the 1st time in many of our lives, we actually witness a dog being dosed with an IV drip.

No shit.

We had to hold little momo down as the doctors pirced him with a big fat needle.

And he ended up looking like this.

Still adorable.

But then the doc came in and gave another jab on his ass. This time he frigging became amok. Started to bite the IV drip and stuff.

So we had to hold him down.

John stroked his tummy and everything went smooth again.

But after awhile, WHILE he was stroking his tummy, this happened.

"Why so warm one?"

Then, another doc came in and requested us to make an xray on the dog. SO we were equipped in stupid looking blue aprons, and held the dog in place while the xray was made.

Kinda looks like when your heading for a korean restaurant eating steamboat dogs.

This is how the xray looked like.

Thats my hand on the top left corner holding his neck.

---- Kinn Says ----

Now just imagine 2 guys caringly holding a sick york terrier in their arms, which part of this picture doesnt seem gay? Im sure we totally looked like a gay couple that day. Goodness.


So hopefully momo grows well, and doesnt eat any more tasty looking snacks on the floor. Having a dog really brings out emotions in a house.

It really does.



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