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8 Things that made my day.

We all have days where we feel down, or just wondering why our life is just meaningless and "what now?" But in my perspective, it just how you look at things, and how you make all the small matters become something interesting to you.

So i woke up in the morning, prepping myself for uni, when i stumbled into the toilet finding an interesting discovery.

What a random way to start the day, don't you think? I just love random starts.

How some medical experts found out that hitting hard stuff with your hands too much might just give you heart problems.

Here's the report.

Well, stay tuned to im sure they'll discover the fact that some of them have brain defects. The post will more or less look like this.

I really apologize, for my photoshop malfunctioned, therefore unable to make a proper photo edit.

You just have to deal with this for now.
Back to the story.

Dog in bag.

Dont ask me who fed him, well that still remains a mystery.

I noticed that the seafood mix i bought from the nearest supermarket had body parts.

We came back and found out our dog shat worms. This post is dedicated out to my hippo. :) Because she dared me to actually dig the dog crap. Well here it is dear. I hope you like it.

The red stuff is blood. Kids, please wash your hands before you eat. This might just be lurking in you.


The metro (underground) administrators in moscow is a bunch of dickwads. They blame the death of civilians falling into the subway tracks as an act of carelessness.

I quote:
The causes are people falling ill, standing on the edge of platforms, or pushing EACH OTHER.

Who the heck pushes each other into the metro. Sensibly, if a person is ill near the tracks, with a train that speeds up to nearly 300km/h, I guess you really need some precautions to save lives. The current death rate is 150+- deaths a year. Im sure they're thinking:

It doesnt really matter, since we have 9million passengers every year, therefore it is OK.. just ok to let a few die. We dont need to spend this kind of money building safety rails or anything. Look at Malaysia, they dont have railings. We just need net, like the nelayan.

1st of all, malaysians are relatively low on skinheads who push you into the tracks.

Secondly, malaysians LRT system travels at a pace so slow, im sure you have more luck getting to work on time by straping youself to your dog and teach it how to use GPS.

Dont laugh. Its under testing. It just might work.

John catches a big fish from the moscow river. Guess what, its salmon.

The newest student in our year. Not really a chick.

This one was really unexpected, they tried to hide the head, but it was a baloon, it kept peeking out from the lecture tables.

This way, harjun met a new friend. Flamingo buddy.



Lynn said...

Event 1 : OMG what did u eat??? and its yellow? Haha!
Event 3 : Everytime i see toto i still think he's oh-soooooo-cuteee! Sigh bring him back will you?
Event 5 : The first and only thing dedicated to me is toto's shit??!! Damn. hahaha!
Event 8 : Lol so this is the flamingo balloon ur talkin bout! It sure is hugee! But its cute! Why u all bully harjun! SO funny la.. XD

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