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Why we love russia.

1. Bears

Here's a picture of them asking for food.

2. Chicks

They even made shirts for them. If your going clubbing in Russia, this shirt is sure to score.

If you ask me, they're kinda overrated. Basically they all look more or less the same. Either they all are just beautiful, or they were a product of an uber serious inbreeding case. Well who knows.

3. Cops

Who doesnt? If you hav forgotten your passport or your visa, you better avoid these bloodsucking assholes. If not you're in for a ride to some lockup where they try to make money out of you, or maybe you can buy yourself out by giving them a BJ. Cops can sometimes be lonely.

Sometimes when too lonely.

4. Food

Here's a step by step guide on preparing your own russian gourmet.
  1. Take a buttload of oil.
  2. 1/4 chicken breast (so it can suck up the oil)
  3. some flour. (God knows why dont they sell cornstarch here.)
  4. some funny herbs and leafs. You can obtain these at the nearest grocery store. Or if your low on cash, get it from your garden. Look for some leaves which look like you've seen them in your favorite itallian resturant.
Pour in the buttload of oil. Make sure its hot. If you dont know how to check, ask your mother. Or you could try dipping just abit of your pinky in. put the 1/4 chicken breast into the oil, coat it with the powder, and stir fry. wait for about 10 mins. Take it out, and garnish with the leaves you found.

Voila. you get this:

5. Thank God we hav McD's

6. They dont know how to line up

This doesnt make alot of sense. As a NORMAL human being, we all can understand why the Q-up line has to be done like this.

Sensibly it makes the whole place more space efficient and more organized. (ok.. cutting the crap. WHAT OTHER WAY IS IT POSSIBLE TO LINE UP?)

You may be suprised, due to the uber creativity of russians, they like to bend sideways. Not only that, they also have deviced many different ways of lining up.

*Unfortunately i have no pictures to show you guys, but im assuring you that this is 100% NOT bullshit. (I shall take some of this pics to proove my point later)

For now, i shall use stickmen as my model. (mind you i used alot of time to do this)

The sideway style.

What on earth is this. So instead of the vertical lines, you get these ridiculously stupid horizontal ones. So every counter can hold 3-4 ppl untill the person bumps into the other person from the subsequent counter, thus the last counter has a massively long line. In this lineup, the maximum amount of ppl lining up depends on how long your store counter is. @*!&#^$*&%!@#*&^!@

And my personal favourite.

The i dont give a f*ck style. It happens 100% of the time.

This needs no explanation. WTF.


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