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Birthdays And Why We Love Them

Editors quote: This post is too long, so i decided to cut it into 3 portions.

Well, birthdays, whats there not to love about it? The loud noises, the crazy friends, the lovely food, great drinks, not to forget the awesome presents.

But I guess sometimes celebrating a birthday with a few special people, enjoying a nice glass of wine, watching old videos and just reminiscing bout the past and how much this new year has brought all of you closer would be much more enjoyable in comparison to the random people you have at your house parties shaking their heads and puking on your moms carpet. (sometimes)

Birthdays signifies a new year, not just the ORDINARY new year which billions of the worlds population celebrates every year, BUT its a special new year, YOUR new year. Thinking of kicking old habits? Learning a new skill? Making new friends? Well they all fit under this big excuse called your birthday.

I guess we all did take that excuse to head to this American styled restaurant in Moscow called STARLITE DINER for Hooi Lam's (aka Mrs Thong aka Mahjong queen.) 20th birthday.

Starlite Diner Is this super fancy restaurant with absolutely mediocre food, superb interior design, low quality sisha, and the most stunning part is, were not dining under starlight, as the name suggested.

So why do people of all ages flock to this new age hangout? Well that question beats me, one of the reasons i came up with was this :

The interior design just IS superb. (15% of the reason.)

They had toothpicks for Jack sparrow,

Pepsi Cola Ads from the 70's which might have your dads face in it.

Tissue paper dispensers which look like trashcans.

Steaks with the price of a whole cow.

and also tortilla chips which are NOT botomless. (Thank God for Chili's)

But besides all this fancy accessories to the store, i guess the stores central attraction was still THIS: im sure it covers 85% of the reasons.

Mind boggling, all their waitresses are dressed like this. UBER. How much more persuasion do you still need to return for seconds?

Part 2 in progress.


Yong said...

you might wanna leave malaysian pricing over the food menu?

KiNn said...

good point

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