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The Call.

Since a month ago i've been receiving a random phone call from a +99 number (I made a check online and currently my anonymous caller either resides in Croatia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, OR Bosnia Hercegovina)

I could have sworn he sounded from afgan. Which i was labeling him as the mysterious afgan caller.

So far he disturbed my sleep 12 and a half times, half is because on the 1st time he called i kinda had some fun, and i was partially awake. But continiously ringing is not really something i fancy.

So after numerous daily calls, and me shouting back in probably every language i know, which is chirumaenghocknese. A combination of chinese, russian, malay, english, hockkien and cantonese) i finally decided to make a recording of that unbearable conversation, oddly, recording that convo made it much more bearable then i thought it would be.

Dont get me wrong, i wouldnt shout at some poor old afgan guy if he made a wrong call and apologized, but calling more then 12 times to someone who already scolded him in chirumaenhocknese really just rubs all the wrong places.

Heres how it sounded like:

The 1st recording came 2 weeks ago, on the 1st night he called.

Apparently he was looking for a guy name Mak-sud which means, (in bahasa melayu) meaning. Unfortunately i wasnt the meaning, neither can i give him the meaning of anything.

Part 1:

Part 2

If you think he sounded like an afgan terrorist, im sorry to say i just might not be blogging anymore.

I pray he's not.

Please dont call someone repeatedly after finding out the "friend" you just called spoke another tongue. It just dont make sense.


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