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What WE eat in Russia.

Recently fascinated on how food blogs attract so many readers, i decided to post about stuff that we eat here. Honestly Russian food sucks, besides the kebab rolls that they sell by the roadside. Which look like this. Here its called Shawrma (sha-w-ur-ma)

Yeap, this is the best you can get with tight strings on your pockets.

Its tender roasted meat garnished with onions, cabbage, cucumbers, a hint of pickles and all topped with some special sauce, (or if you dont know how to make this super special sauce, you can buy it in the supermarket)

Think this delicious looking meat roll is healthy? Well there has been a lot of hype a year ago about why they should ban this yummy thing called kebab, due to its suspicious origin,

Nobody really knows what is inside that lump of meat.

Heres a picture of the largest ever made.

Best part is, the kebab stalls are at the roadside. Practically unstoppable if you want to track them down with possibly no license, nor registrations.
and not to mention their suspicious looking chefs. With borat accents.

Kebabs comes in various forms, some of them look like shit. (i mean literally.)

Some like chopped up shit.

Some like Chinese style.

Some like square and italian

Some like it Indian style. ------------ >(hairy)

Some just love it so much, they become a kebab themselves.

(i REALLY don't know what meat is this made of now.)



kek said...
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kek said...

Friggin true, &friggin hilarious~!! pls post more~!Hahahahah~~~~

KiNn said...

Lol, i shall. hahahahaha.

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