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Kinn's Guide to Helsinki. Part 1

We reached the Estonian airport 75 mins later. The name of the country kinda reminded me of Elbonia from dilberts comics. I was wondering for a moment where the fuzzy bearded people were hiding.

But then again, the airport was rather impressive for something so small. It had glass built window panes as windows, walls, floors, ceilings, and whatever you might want to find built in glass, in my opinion is perfect for toilets. (I wonder if my idea will pass on)

But being at the Estonian airport also had its own problems. Due to the fact again where we're holding a Malaysian passport.

This time Mr and Mrs chef was called in for their questioning. (The 'whats your religion” question.) After 5 minutes of random chat with the guards, they told Mrs chef that the reason a questioning was required was due to the fact that, I quote 'Malaysian has bad quality passports'. In the same crappy english that he spoke.

Well I guess the KIPPAS machine that we made our passports were just too advanced a technology for them to handle. I mean, our passports were made in 2 hours. My face was printed abit off from the centre of the pic. The lamination of the passport was not the best I must say. But we cut down the jobs of annoying makciks with their mouth full of kuih talking about the next Mawi album.

So I say yes to technology! Maybe someday we could make a 'Daytona' like simulator but with malaysian roads in the graphics. Then we could conduct the driving exam by just playing a video game, thus making the purchase of those cute little so-called-cars called kancils are not necessary.

Talk about cost efficiency.

But then again, back to the story, I must say that Malaysian passports really are much better than those ive seen from various countries. (I shall not state where, you'll have to find out) For Example, in Russia, they write your name (by hand) on to a small form, paste your picture in, and voilla! Its done. (crap I just said the country didnt I)

And they they say that Malaysian passports with printed names and glossy embossing just does not beat the standard of those peoples handwriting.

Officer A: Hey guys come check out this card, its glossy and shiny, the words are all printed out.

Officer B: I dont know man, kinda looks like a Pokemon card to me.

So I guess putting foil gloss on the passport does makes it look like a Pokemon card.

From Estonia, we traveled to Helsinki, Finland in a propellar airplane. I have never sat in one of these.

Looked really really cool. But small.

Even their refreshments came in small sizes. On the menu, there was a selection of if you want the blue sweet or the green sweet. I went with the green sweet.

This is the Finns favorite sweet. Its called liquorice. (lic-ker-rish) Some love it, some hate it. But the Finns just LOVE it.

Let me demonstrate how much love can be poured into a sweet.

They made, Liquorice pastilles. (The main one)

Liquorice lollipops.

Liquorice filled sweets.

Liquorice filled chocolates.

Liquorice chewing gum.

Liquorice liquorice.

Liquorice alcohol.


They actually have a lot more like maybe liquorice edible panties, but I guess I didnt have time to explore.

But I really wonder why do they have to make their packets look like condoms. I would have really mistaken this as a medical condom or something.

We stayed in Omena Hotel. Which conveniently is just in the centre of everything. Well I guess Helsinki really isn't that big. But it was an excellent choice, with a short 10 minutes walk away from most attractions. Uber.

Best thing of all. They had this small restaurant whos name has already been carved into our hearts.

With its beautiful logo which resembles a nipple with blue outlines, its beautiful interior deco which makes you feel like you are dining with saddam hussein, its tv which played sexy arabic girls dancing around skimpily clad, and their toilets which look like toilets.

This place is called

ERIKIN PIPPURI. (yeah the name isnt that cool)

This is their logo.

And their restaurant motto pasted on every serviette you could find.

They are a kebab store. Located just opposite our hotel. I must say, their kebab is just delicious. For prices ranging from 6 - 9 EUR. You get a hearty portion of meat, fries, salad and maybe rice. The portions were huge.

Iskander Kebab.

Kana special.

Some weird name I cant rmb kebab.

And Erikin special.

Nothing better than the juicy fresh tomatoes creating mini explosions in your mouth, the tender moist flavorful meat slices swirling on your tongue, the crispy fries fried to perfection and slightly salted, and to down it all down with a quenching portion of sprite zero. Kinda felt like that rattatoulie movie.

Done with that, back to sleep and preparing for our next day.



YannMay said...

Liquorice is actually some evil shit that contributes to hypertension, and prolly some other side effects as well. Kebab looks yummy thou =D

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