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A travellers tale almost from helsinki.

How do i start, well first off, my journey has been quite a journey, we left moscow at 640am on the 26th of jan. Heading towards the Moscow Sheremyetovo airport. All (most) of us had high spirits in and prepared to wash the last hectic semester away with a good holiday. But some were still sleepy. like this guy.

I travelled with a group of 6 (including me). There was Chef Thong & Mrs Chef

Mr. Bearman, Jimmy Jot & the infamous BPONG aka doraemon,

and lastly yours truly.

Moscow airports are really one of a kind, as a holder of a Malaysian passport, you can be sure you are NOT allowed to roam around freely here. They will and most likely hold you in a containing cell, make idiotic faces at you and ask you things that you already know. The toughest of all those questions might just be,

Airport Officer: Hi, whats your religion?

Why is it tough? Because basicially i dont really know what they want to know, i guess if u say you're muslim, they'll grope your groins searching for the c4 you have in your handphone. But what comes for any other religion in this world i dont know. Nor do i see the importance in asking such an irrelavent question. Because I dont think a suicidal terrorist is going to wear a shirt that says "i love holy warfare" on their backs. (they may write it on thier briefs so thier God can identify them in some way tho.)

Besides that, in the Sheremyetovo airport there is a "PLEASE SMOKE INSIDE" rule. Unlike many european countries now which carry the EU ban on indoor smoking. Personally i have never seen an airport which you could smoke in. I always thought the fire alarms would go off. Guess that airport doesent have fire alarms. :)

Ready made smoking booths.

So we waited for 1 hour for the check in time, only to find out that our beloved 75min plane ride has been delayed for 4 hours. What luck.

Thank God i have my trusty friend who sings to me and never leaves me under any circumstances.

Unless i forget to charge him.

So i scouted the airport for "fun" and "unusual" stuff to do, aparently there was none. But the free newspaper did enlighten me for awhile.

Looks like someone working at the gas station got pissed at the ever steadily dropping Rubles.

Unfortunately he didnt know how to make the letter "K" on that board. "Ahh well, C will do"

There was also an article talking about how Americans "criminalizes" the Russian actors.

I find it amazingly true. You really DONT see a Russian guy acting as Rambo or Batman, neither are they usually the heroes of any movie. I can recall the weird guy in Wanted who breeds mice and calls them mickey was russian. Well i guess nobody noticed him because everyone was busy eyeing angelina jolies boobs.

So its either weird mice breeding introvert, OR criminal maasterminds. Nice choices.

But i must say that Russians are really invading the Hollywood scene. *clap clap* to that. If you have yet watched the show Rock 'n Rolla. Please download copy from your favourite torrent site now. :) Uber cool show.

I also spotted an abnormally looking luggage bag.

"Hi, I would like to check this in, i hope it fits"

After the long wait, finally entering the plane. The thing about european budget airlines, they just dont really take care of thier planes cleanliness.

Look at this swell fly who posed for me to do a portrait shot. I guess he caused the bishop to be pissed too.



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