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Another Sunny Day In May.

From my windows perspective, its an uber sunny day today. Makes you feel like putting your head out the window and enjoying the soft breeze on your face. Which was exactly what i did.

Sunny day with heavy rain.

unfortunately my camera just cant properly take a pic of the falling rain, but then again you can still notice the wet roads.

But the weather in moscow can never be really predicted, one minute its uber sunny, the next it starts to rain, and 5 miniutes ater this is how it looks like.

this pic was taken 5 minutes later. With dark clouds already. Guess one of the top 10 worst jobs in the world would be a weather forecaster in moscow.

And to my astonishment, i found this too.

Guess either someone threw a lump of bread 10 storeys high, or the pidgeons developed a case of poor digestion and started to poop bread nowdays.

What an awesome day to hit the books.

But a blogging break for now just doesnt sound too bad. :)



Tian An said...

Yeah purines!

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