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Midnight Coffee.

Wondered what to do on a wednesday night? Why not have some coffee!



Tho residing at our current residence for almost 7 months, we still have yet to try this small cafe just 5 minute walk away from my front door. That has got to be a load of bullcrap. Therefore we headed to "chill" at a place somewhat like a mamak inclusive of overpriced coffee and a load of smokers. The only thing missing was some oily bread, or rather known as roti canai.

The cafe name was CHOCOLATNITSA or in russian words: Шоколадница.
Honestly in my opinion, the coffee was just so-so, id give it a rating of 6.9/10 just passing the mark.


But the ambience was nice, it had a little "retro bar look" (ok maybe not so retro) Had cakes, fruits and almost every other thing you would like to find in a coffee shop. (well i dont mean to compare them with those "coffeeshops" in amsterdam.)


The waitressing was slightly poor, but hey its moscow, it ain't gonna get any better. Not in the near future.

Every Malaysian's top things-to-look-out-for in a restaurant.

Having nothing much to do, we thought of twofrontteeth's post about Zac Efron Read the post HERE. And decided to do something of our own, Just someone more famous then Zac.


At the end of our stay, we asked the waitress to help us take a picture to capture the memories here since i noticed we have quite a limited amount of group shots. I went on to make some adjustments to my camera and handed it over to her.

But i forgot to turn on my live view. So she was holding the camera and puzzling about how to use the dslr. She quickly noticed the small viewfinder and stared through it. Yeah not look at it, but stared through it. Holding the camera one feet away from her face.

That scene was so hilarious, i reckon that that moment we took one of the most natural smiles of all time. Kind of like those when you got a birthday present from your parents kind. Due to the fact we were so amused by that act.



So do feel free to check it out, it passes as a "chillout point" Drinks being fairly priced, Averaging about 200RUB a cup of cappuccino or latte.



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